Posts of November 2011

Festibal (with the B from Bike)

Don’t know what to do on your public holiday this Wednesday November 9? Come and have a look at Matadero, where you will be welcomed by a wide range of activities concentrated around the theme BICYCLE in a “Festival to celebrate the cleanest, most efficient and most fun means of transport” from 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening with a market, debate, movie, round tables, concerts AND of course, the exhibition “What’s normal is very strange“… Website of Festibal (Matadero)

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Cook Spanish dishes with… Roberta Bruno • A Punto Centro Cultural del Gusto

Who are you and what is your professional passion? My name is Roberta, I’m Italian and the world of cooking is my passion, above all the world of wines. One of my other passions is marketing and I’m lucky that I work in the marketing department of A Punto, a Cultural Center of Taste, where we can recommend you the best cooking and gastronomy books to prepare your favourite dishes at home. What will you and MadWay offer the traveller? We offer Spanish and International cooking workshops as well as gastronomic tours to the best spots in Madrid. In our […]

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