Posts of November 2013

Wines from Madrid in Conde Duque

Here is another one of those inititives we love about Madrid! Small events in one of the neighbourhoods or ‘barrios’ that Madrid is famous for. Last month we brought ‘Tapapiés’ to you, now we are back with the ‘1st week of wines from Madrid’. The region around Madrid is not an obvious choice when it comes to wines, but over the years we have discovered that it actually has a lot to offer. There are 44 wineries around Madrid which carry the D.O. or the ‘Denominación de Origen’ Wines from Madrid quality mark. No less than 21 wineries are open […]

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Ever considered visiting… a cemetery?

Todays Spanish holiday, All Saints’ Day, inspired us to write about one of our very unique visits. Maybe you have noticed it walking or cycling along the Madrid Río park. The cemetery of San Isidro, the oldest still exisiting cemetery of Madrid. It lies on the south bank of the river, towering over the city. Located there, outside of the city center, in the 1850s so that the stench and the gases from the graves wouldn’t reach the city… Nowadays we can enjoy the graveyard, wandering around the monuments and family chapels, but this place houses many famous objects such […]

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