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MadWay - City Tours, Local Experiences and Adventure Outdoor Activities in Madrid, Spain.

MadWay provides City Tours, Adventure Tours, Outdoor Activities, MICE and Incoming Services in Spain.

Since 2008 MadWay offers tours and experiences that you wouldn’t find among the typical highlights in the guidebooks. We come in when you want to discover Madrid from the locals’ point of view. Discover the city and the amazing outdoors off the beaten track.

What we try to do in our tours like the industrial architecture bicycle tour, the rooftop walking tour or the A-typical tapas tour, is to show the city from another perspective… It completely changes your perspective on Madrid and on cities in general—which is a theme that’s present on all of our tours. We also try to change how people look at Madrid and how they look at Spain through story telling. We share anecdotes about traditions and culture in Spain. We explain cultural differences between where the visitors come from and where they’re visiting. What we’re really trying to do is to create a cultural bridge here.

Furthermore we also offer Adventure Tours & Outdoor Activities in Guadarrama National Park and natural reserves, a fantastic way to explore Madrid region hiking, climbing, kayaking or paragliding just one hour by car from city center.


Our challenge is to show you that Madrid has so much more to offer than just the beaten track. We just love to go that extra mile and take you beyond the highlights!

Our passion is to take you to these hidden gems through private themed walking and (e)biking trips,
great gastronomic activities, wonderful workshops, amazing team building activities and customized day tours or multiple day programs.

Our team has one thing in common: a drive to share their passion about the inspiring city they call home with YOU!

passion · creativity · energy
the three powers of MadWay!
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