Wines from Madrid in Conde Duque

Here is another one of those inititives we love about Madrid! Small events in one of the neighbourhoods or ‘barrios’ that Madrid is famous for. Last month we brought ‘Tapapiés’ to you, now we are back with the ‘1st week of wines from Madrid’. The region around Madrid is not an obvious choice when it comes to wines, but over the years we have discovered that it actually has a lot to offer. There are 44 wineries around Madrid which carry the D.O. or the ‘Denominación de Origen’ Wines from Madrid quality mark. No less than 21 wineries are open […]

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And… we’re back! With Tapapiés

After a tumultuous year of internal changes and growing pains, we are reviving our blog. Instead of just one person writing, there will be three! Please meet the MadWay team: Arma, Yolanda and Sjoukje. In the near future we will also present our fantastic monitors to you, so you get a better idea of who work together on the MadWay-experience. For now, we would like to seduce you to visit the neighbourhood of Lavapiés if you are in town in the next three days. Don’t miss the 3rd edition of the Tapapíes festival! 75 bars offering a special tapa at […]

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Cook Spanish dishes with… Roberta Bruno • A Punto Centro Cultural del Gusto

Who are you and what is your professional passion? My name is Roberta, I’m Italian and the world of cooking is my passion, above all the world of wines. One of my other passions is marketing and I’m lucky that I work in the marketing department of A Punto, a Cultural Center of Taste, where we can recommend you the best cooking and gastronomy books to prepare your favourite dishes at home. What will you and MadWay offer the traveller? We offer Spanish and International cooking workshops as well as gastronomic tours to the best spots in Madrid. In our […]

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