MICE Incentives & Team building for Businesses in Madrid

Authentic Tours, Local Experiences and Outdoor Activities in Madrid

MICE. Team Building and Incentives for Businesses in Madrid

Tours, Local Experiences & Outdoor Activities in Madrid.
Madway organizes 100% tailor-made experiences for MICE groups and businesses that would like to discover Madrid «the MADway»…



1. Full day teambuilding, leadership, coaching and motivational activities and experiences.

2. Incentive trips and programs, Away days or Days-off in nature.

3. Events and meetings: Kick-offs and project celebrations.

4. Presentations of products, fairs, and advertising campaigns.

5. Gifts/Vouchers for employees.



Madway carefully designs the programs for each individual group or event by collaborating directly with the project leaders, department heads and directors to best complete their proposed plans and objectives.



Our challenge is to show you that Madrid has so much more to offer than just the beaten track. We just love to go that extra mile and take you beyond the highlights!

Our passion is to take you to these hidden gems through private themed walking and (e)biking trips,
great gastronomic activities, wonderful workshops, amazing team building activities and customized day tours or multiple day programs.

Our team has one thing in common: a drive to share their passion about the inspiring city they call home with YOU!



Adventure is the spirit of trying something new, trying something difficult and doing it to the best of your ability. It is about enthusiasm, ambition and open-mindedness.

You can choose a multiadventure day or weekend including Hiking, Rock Climbing, Biking, Kayaking, Rewilding & Survival, Orienteering Raids, Scavenger Hunts and City Experiences.

These unique and challenging activities are a great way to enhance the cohesion of employees, develop strengths and address weakness of team members as they enjoy sports and new experiences together. The schedule of activities is aimed to help develop effective communication and problem solving skills of the participants in a fun and active way. It will be a very exciting and memorable experience for all those who enjoy a challenging adventure in the outdoors!

Furthermore you can enrich your corporate event or incentive tour in Madrid with our packs and city tours according to your preferences.

Several of the basic principles we focus on during our activities include the analysis of safety, learning in an entertaining and effective way, the ability to overcome new challenges, the practice of sport in the outdoors, and the active participation of all members of the group.

All of our activities are led by sports experts and certified guides holding both national and international degrees. The professional equipment we use is of the highest quality and has been officially certified by the CE or UIAA Safetylabel.

Additionally, we provide transportation, accommodation, picnic packs and/or restaurant meals for participants if required.

passion · creativity · energy
the three powers of MadWay!


Please send us your enquiries to:  info@madwaytomadrid.com or call us to +34 616659853