Our new Vermouth Route: Rediscovering an Old Classic

“Quedar a la hora del vermut” means something like “to meet up around one or two in the afternoon to have a vermouth, just before lunch”. It’s a long-standing tradition that is seeing resurgence in popularity. Vermouth is back!


Malasaña, once a seedy part of Madrid, has seen a lot of gentrification over the past few years and is now known as the heart of local hipster activity. This is a barrio where old bars are peppered amongst shiny modern places catering to the latest trends.


This is also the neighborhood where our brand-new tour takes place. Malasaña’s scene is retro-cool, full of those who idolize all things old and nostalgic as well as those who respect the past but are always in search of ways to reinvent it. Our Vermouth Route highlights the evolution of old to new, including three stops to taste different “vermuts”.

Did we say “typical Spanish”? No. We would never say that to promote a new tour. But it might be true though…

So, are you in?


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24 thoughts on “Our new Vermouth Route: Rediscovering an Old Classic

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