Clicking heels on flamenco rhythms with… Montse – Dancer

Get closer to Spanish culture through its rhythms

Everything about this tour!

Montse: “We offer a flamenco dance workshop in which you can get closer to Spanish culture through its rhythms. I’ll show you how to move your arms and wrists. We’ll click our heels to feel the flamenco’s energy, the grace of its “Sevillanas” (=traditional music and dance from Seville) and the taste of its “rumbas” (=popular music and dance).”

The details:

Day & Time:

Monday – Sunday from 11.00 – 17.00


1 hour


from 10 persons

  • On request
  • including:
    • flamenco dance introduction
    • arm & hand exercises
    • clicking heels exercises
Meeting point:

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